Enviro-Process SWD™

Enviro-Process SWD™

Enviro-Tech Systems' Enviro-Process Smart Water Discharge system operates on the premise that discharge exceeding government regulations is preventable. The system allows platform operators to anticipate unforeseen events by monitoring leading indicators, which demonstrate the process equipment's performance.

Through continuous, strategic online monitoring and remote connectivity, the Enviro-Tech Systems' Advanced Sensors' oil-in-water analyzers' advanced warning system operates within environmental discharge limits, alerting operators of impending equipment malfunction, thus minimizing downtime and providing upset management.

Smart Water Technology

Accounting for oily water separation, solids separation, and product effluent monitoring, Enviro-Tech Systems sets in motion its Smart Water Technology system with not only the removal of unwanted solids but the ability to monitor quality at discharge.

By using Enerscope desander technology, unwanted solids are removed from processing; however, with the addition of the Enerscope hydrocyclone or the Enviro-Sep (CPI) for the removal of oil and solids, the oily process can be further treated.

Following solids separation, the Enviro-Cell (IGF) is able to polish the separated oil to a composite efficiency range of 90%-97%. As a final course for the recovered water or wash down, the Sumperator (sump caison / skim pile) acts as an emergency discharge point for overboard discharge. The Smart Water Technology system further anticipates success by incorporating a PPM monitoring system that provides leading indicators of the total system performance to the operator.