Corrugated Plate Packs

The Corrugated plate pack is made of many plates closely spaced. Stoke's Law states that a particle falling under the action of gravity (sand) or buoyed up under the action of Archimede's Principle (oil) will accelerate until the frictional drag of the fluid balances the acceleration force, after which it will continue to fall or rise at the constant velocity known as terminal velocity. It matters not whether the particle is moving through fluid or the fluid is moving past the particle as long as the overall fluid system remains in the laminar flow regime. By taking these principles into account, plate packs reduce the overall time it takes for the oil droplet to rise thereby increasing separation efficiency. Plate packs can be utilized in several different configurations as shown in the diagram below. These include downstream, upstream, and crossflow and can be designed for 60 degree or 45 degree inclination. Note: Plate Packs can be supplied in either FRP or S.S. depending on the operating conditions present.

Coalescing Media

The Matrix type coalescing media can be used in crossflow, downflow, or upflow configurations depending on orientation. Stoke's Law demonstrates that larger diameter oil droplets will rise at an accelerated rate over smaller oil droplets. As with all types of coalescing media, larger globules are formed from smaller oil droplets thereby causing oil droplets to rise faster. Solids are also allowed to settle into a basin for removal from the system. Spherical Coalescing Media can be used prior to corrugated plate packs to increase droplet size. This aids in separation efficiency because of the increased diameter of the oil droplet. An additional benefit to this type of media is flow distribution at the inlet compartment. The structure of the spherical media is designed so that flow can bypass through void space. The spheres are constructed of an oleophilic material allowing for agglomeration or "growing" of the oil droplet size. Void space within the spheres provides for 94% open flow area. The media is accessible for easy cleaning or replacement.