Flo-Clean™ Treatment System

The Flo-Clean Treatment System is a highly advanced method of cleaning industrial and Offshore Wastewater. The most common applications are for the treatment of offshore produced water, flow back water, and frac water. During well unloading activities, highly contaminated fluids are present. According to Oil industry standards, the immediate treatment of these contaminants is mandatory. To meet the overboard discharge requirements, the Flo-Clean process incorporates several technologies towards the effective treatment of contaminated water.

Principle Of Operation

The primary stage of the process utilizes an enhanced gravity separation technique employing closely spaced plates which accelerate the removal of free oil and solids. This primary stage of separation includes an initial hopper compartment at the inlet end of the vessel for solids collection and storage. This is followed by an oil coalescing chamber to assist in the expansion of oil droplets by 3x, enabling fast and efficient removal. As the process continues, water flows through the inclined plates providing a more refined separation. This process can reduce oil concentration by 75-99% before entering the secondary stage of the process.

This secondary stage of the process consists of a treatment technology providing accelerated lift to the remaining oil droplets for collection and initial flow. Using induced gas flotation, the secondary treatment commences with an initial flow disengagement step between the primary and secondary process to allow for residual oil separation and removal. After this disengagement step the process enters four active cells each providing approximately 60% free oil removal along with suspended solids separation and removal. At the end of the secondary treatment process, the treatment water discharge over an adjustable weir and on to the final treatment stage which incorporated a course and fine filtration technique in two steps.

The final stage treats the aqueous phase from the previous treatment process by first pumping it through a triple filter unit to remove any solids that may still be present in the water stream. From these filters, the water flows into a dual filter vessel containing Flo-Clean’s exclusive Pillow Technology. These pillow can be filled with specific media to match the treatability requirements and the water being treated. There are a variety of medias available, the media or combination of media chosen during the Wastewater Treatability Study prior to the start of onsite treatment. The specific media combination designed to insure that all residual organics are removed. The final effluent is tested to meet either discharge reuse standards or the local discharge regulation.


  • Filter life is much longer than cartridge filters due to media configuration.
  • Able to withstand slugs of heavily contaminated fluids without compromising the entire filter bed.
  • Small footprint of systems allows for placement almost anywhere.
  • Most applications allow for landfill disposal of media.
  • System is portable for onsite treatment.
  • Cost per barrel filtered is the lowest in the industry.


  • Deck Drainage
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • Produced Water Treatment
  • Methanol Filtration
  • Decommissioning Wastewaters
  • Acid Stimulation Flow Backs
  • Well Completion Flow Backs
  • Brine Filtration