Enviro-Cell CFU™ - Vertical

Possessing similar attributes to the Horizontal IGF, the Enviro-Cell Compact Flotation Unit (CFU) –  Vertical IGF provides three (3) important phases in oil/water separation while capitalizing on its compact design for reduced space consumption; making this unit perfect for applications where space availability is limited.

Principle of Operation

Positioned downstream of the existing skimmer, the Enviro-Cell (EC-V) Vertical is the most effective and efficient vertical induced gas flotation (IGF) unit available for secondary oil/water separation. The Enviro-Cell (EC-V) Vertical consists of multiple active cells; the oily produced water enters the Enviro-Cell (EC-V) Vertical tangentially at the inlet near the top of the vessel. The inlet is strategically located to enhance the incoming flow, creating a centrifugal vortex allowing immediate free oil removal and facilitating the remaining flotation process to properly function in aiding increased separation. The oily water is then directed downward for additional droplet coalescence, allowing the droplets to rise and combine at much shorter distances for separation; thereby, accelerating its removal.

The Enviro-Cell (EC-3V) Vertical unit uses a four chambered eductor system to create minute bubbles incorporating advanced Venturi principles. These bubbles attach to the remaining oil particles and carry it through the coalescing pack to the top of the vessel where it joins the already separated free oil and are removed as the oily froth flows over a V-notched weir into a single oil bucket.

Drawings & Data Sheets

Drawings and Data Sheets are contained in the I.O.M Manuals. 

Case Histories:

Enviro-Cell™ EC-3V Vertical Induced Gas Flotation Unit